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Patricia Raufer

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I believe it is incredibly unfortunate when a good idea dies before its time. Ideas have unusual power. Good ideas can stop you cold just as fast as they can inspire you to act. But ideas are fragile, they require time and care to grow and thrive. And in an unfriendly, unforgiving, results-now setting like business, good ideas struggle to survive. But survive they must.

Creating "the new" demands a competence to uncover opportunities and the sensitivity to recognize the pitfalls. To some, it may seem like gut instinct — in many cases — they are correct. But it is also the result of developing an understanding of emerging technologies, respecting the business systems in place and engaging the people who manage them.  

My approach is to combine my life-long interest in design with years of Fortune 500 experience to bring large market initiatives to fruition within corporate, mid-size and entrepreneurial environments. By joining the nimble and iterative process of designers with the structure and discipline required to develop products and solve business problems, I've led multi-disciplinary teams to successfully launch innovative products and services. As a Thought Leader and Digital Pioneer with the pragmatic approach of a Maker, I've built the foundation for unprecedented initiatives that became standard in the payments, digital and travel industries.


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Digital Wisdom: Combining Creativity with Expertise

Digital Pioneer

Citi: Introduced iterative prototyping and customer co-design in launching market pilots for the Citi 2G Card, a new device which enabled customer choice for rewards redemption at point-of-sale. Solution also served as basis for Pay with Points capability for Thank You Points redemption with online merchants such as Amazon.

Travelocity: Conducted the proof-of-concept for the Sabre pilot that validated the feasibility of customer initiated online travel transactions and became the platform for Travelocity.

Prodigy Services Company: Created and developed foundational business models for marketing and e-commerce campaigns in the nascent digital marketplace.

thought leader

Design Thinking provides the creativity, empathy and intuition for focusing on customers and finding solutions.

Technical Expertise provides the logic to define processes and the development skills to deliver products and services into the marketplace.

Business Acumen provides the strategic perspective and rigor to ensure the product or service makes sense for the customer and is commercially viable.  

Digital Solutions

Systems Thinking entails taking a holistic view of platforms and ecosystems to develop end-to-end solutions and integrate across entities. 

Creative Solutions are based on the ability to see connections that are not always obvious resulting in new digital products and services. For example, the value proposition created by combining two consumer platforms (airline systems and payments) resulted in an entirely new customer base for Citi in multiple card products in the Citi Premier Pass Card / Citi Thank You Card product suite.

Commercialization balances creativity with analytics to lead through all phases of design, development, launch and product management. Go-to-Market strategies, Reporting and Key Performance Indicators are fundamental for successful launch and ongoing presence in digital marketplace.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da vinci


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