Patricia Raufer

Case Studies

Case Studies


I love making ideas real and the unknown possible. My work has been in recognizing trends and understanding their impact on business. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to lead teams to deliver significant results from large scale initiatives. I’ve also enjoyed germinating an idea or concept and working it through to full market launch. While my most recent work has been in payments, my previous experience includes being part of the team that conducted the proof-of-concept for online travel and being part of the establishment of the digital landscape through my early work with Prodigy.



Payments FIRM

Provided client company perspective for payments firm targeting Affluent Millennials

As part of the competitive assessment in the design phase, this payments firm requested input on best practices in creating the value proposition, integrating partner capabilities and optimizing merchant benefits in launching a new digital platform targeting Affluent Millennials. The payments firm will offer this platform to their client companies who will in turn offer it to their Affluent Millennial customers (Business to Business to Consumer structure). The customer base is, therefore, both the client companies as well as the Affluent Millennial consumers. Recommendations, although primarily focused on the client company perspective, considered all participants in the ecosystem to ensure the optimal configuration of platform. Integration included capabilities managed by the client companies, payments firm, partners and merchants as well as key elements for optimizing the value proposition for Affluent Millennial customers.

Served as Subject Matter Expert for Deloitte

Payments Solution Provider

Established Commercialization Process for payments solutions provider targeting small to medium sized businesses

Although the client offered a suite of products and had been in business for many years, the Executive Team recognized the need for more efficient processes in bringing products to market. The firm has an enviable culture of enthusiastic team members but needed to hone their interactions to provide structure and increase efficiencies. The new model removes bottlenecks, ensures communication throughout the organization and increases speed-to-market without cutting corners and with product introductions that are disciplined and consistent.

Served as Subject Matter Expert for Protiviti




Provided payments expertise in MVP for Subscription Model for AARP

AARP developed the Minimum Viable Product to determine market viability for their content and coaching platform, Life Reimagined, which provided support for life transitions in work, well-being and relationships. The e-commerce initiatives included tailoring campaigns based on client preferences and expected subscriber response, integrating with digital marketing and data analytics efforts. In addition, recommendations were also provided for mobile point-of-sale devices to enable subscription sales onsite at events.

Patricia is one of the most innovative and collaborative digital thinkers I know. She continuously demonstrated and delivered on “out of box” solutions for our clients.
— Jeanette McClennan - AARP, JJ Mac Consulting, Prodigy Services



Established Commercial Viability for Citi Cards Product Innovations

The Citi 2G Card enabled customers to make rewards redemption decisions at the point-of-sale. With this new device, customers determined if the purchase should be made using points from their Citi Thank You account or their credit line.   

In addition to creating a new customer experience, this enhancement introduced a new form factor during the purchase process. The design solution also served as the basis for subsequent enhancements to rewards redemption in Citi’s Thank You program including pay with points initiatives with Amazon.

This initiative also introduced iterative prototyping methods which were used to determine the appeal and customer preferences for features and benefits associated with this new device. In addition to developing the product, this project enabled customer co-design through online communities. Customer input was obtained throughout the development process which enabled phased implementation for market pilots prior to launch. The benefit of this method of iterative prototyping enables the best use of resources throughout the development lifecycle.

The emerging payments point-of-sale technology was developed by Dynamics Inc. named Best Innovation in Personal Electronics Category at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January, 2011.




Provided Strategic Business Design in Development Process

Citi EMV Chip Cards required integration of digital marketing, customer engagement programs, electronic and mobile commerce, reporting and analytics.  For instance, to facilitate participation in network sponsored marketing programs, the launch of EMV chip cards required orchestration across multiple divisions as the Business Lead interfacing with Technology and Operations.  

The combination of technical and marketing expertise and my ability to drive large-scale initiatives facilitated a solution to launch EMV chip cards in a significantly reduced timeframe, enabling participation in network marketing programs.




Designed and Developed Unique Products

Citi Premier Pass Cards (and subsequently included in the Citi Thank You Card product suite) provided the unique value proposition with the ability to earn points for travel on any airline, not just one carrier. These products were developed by integrating airline system capabilities with payment infrastructure to enable customers to earn points. Additional Citi products which applied this value proposition include Citi Expedia Cards and Citi Smith Barney Cards.  My travel industry expertise was also applied in establishing the travel rewards redemption options for the Citi Thank You program.   These products were recognized as follows:

  • Named Best Credit Card by Huffington Post (June, 2010)

  • Best Card for Frequent Flyers by Good Housekeeping (November, 2008)

  • Best Travel Rewards by Smart Money, the Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Business (November, 2008)

  • Best Credit Card by Kiplinger’s (October, 2007)

  • Best Travel Card by Money Magazine (December, 2005)

  • Best Airline Bank Card by Consumer Reports (November, 2005)

  • Best Travel Rewards by Smart Money, the Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Business (August, 2005)

  • Most Innovative Product of 2004 by Card Facts

Patricia is a creative and resourceful innovator who has a reputation for getting things done.
— Rick Blasi, Chief Operating Officer – TIAA–CREF Trust Company Worked with Patricia at Citi