Patricia Raufer


Creating solutions +

making ideas real


Innovation Strategy

  • Assess competitive landscape

  • Create new business models in designing new products and services.

  • Develop business plans providing product overview, market conditions and financials.

  • Establish metrics including Key Performance indicators to define success

Strategic Business Design

  • Establish and maintain product vision

  • Define customer segments

  • Establish and validate value propositions

  • Serve as Voice of the Customer in defining digital solutions

  • Balance user needs while ensuring alignment with business objectives

  • Define use cases

  • Make buy vs. build decisions


  • Define customer experience journeys, product roadmaps and business requirements.

  • Establish Minimum Viable Product or Minimum Viable Experiments for market research

  • Manage product prototyping and testing

  • Partner with multi-disciplinary teams to manage end-to-end delivery through all phases of design, development and launch.

  • Determine processes for customer feedback, dispute resolution and issue tracking.

  • Establish test plans for acceptance testing.

  • Manage projects in Agile or Waterfall environments.

Commercial viability

  • Establish and execute Go-to-Market strategies

  • Monitor key performance indicators, customer success metrics and compliance.

  • Maintain product performance and develop revisions and enhancements based on marketplace results.

  • Ensure Service Level Agreements are met.

  • Streamline method for speed-to-market efficiencies.